Welcome to the „European Institute for Health, Sports, Tourism, and Quality Management”.  Our institute works as a corporate training school in a dual educational system, in the fields of  advanced training and further education or qualification. The focus will be on subjects in health,  sports, hotels and tourism with certificates at the end. Quality management (and -assurance) should develop certain standards, which will be  orientated on international needs and performances in the tourist field and should guarantee a  consistent level and a sustainable process.  Education/Training for company consultancy/advisory is a new development to help interested  people and start-ups to get a basic knowledge and training, mainly in health, sports, tourism, and  quality assurance. The institute supports you as well worldwide in organizing seminars, workshops, and employee  training.  Special attention turns the institute on education and trainings including German language  courses in the Balkan states. Therefore a variety of agreements were signed with companies  and organizations in Albania and in Kosovo. The start of the exchange of ideas and people are  regarded as very fruitful in the opinion of all participants.  Further information about the offers of our institute you will find on the following websites. Please  recognize as well our temporary limited offers for advanced training and further education or  qualification, and our special events and meetings.  We are glad about your interests and your suggestions. Do not hesitate to contact us.
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Congress: “Working in Germany for committed nursing staff from Kosovo” 2023 in Prishtine
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